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We are Sky High Growth. We don’t recycle emails. We don’t sell lists.

We outsource your entire sales support process, from lead generation to targeted email and LinkedIn campaigns and other custom sales solutions. Our business is fully GDPR compliant.

Together we will grow your business sky high.


Sky High Growth is the renowned IT company from Serbia, focused on delivering Value to Clients, providing them with the best professional service that is, with the highest level of quality in services. We are fully committed to clients` satisfaction, by providing our customers with the best solutions which are cost-effective and efficient. We take great care in order to satisfy our clients` needs and expectations so that in the end the customers are happy with the final result. We are proud that our clients are among the top in the World in their industries, as well as that we have developed and maintained prestigious services with millions of daily users.


We are committed to fulfilling clients needs so that they are completely happy and satisfied with our efforts, knowledge, and professionalism; and ultimately with results achieved. We provide them with the services in which we have an awesome experience and excellent results confirmed through many significant projects for well-known clients.

We are very proud of providing services like Web and Mobile Development, Desktop Development, Database Design, Business Intelligence, Content Copywriting, System Administration, including Consulting and Technical Support and much more.

If you need, want or wish excellent solutions for your business issues, by coming to our company for help, you have come to the right place, indeed.

We provide you with just pure quality, nothing less. When talking about quality, we discuss and define it throughout the whole process of your cooperation with us. For us, it is very important to understand your needs, your business value, so that our professionals can do their best by paying attention to every detail and every suggestion you, the client, has provided them with. Our most important goal is to turn our clients’ business ideas into successful and effective project plans and products. This can only be achieved through effective and regular communication with the clients.

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