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Empower Your Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging the Potential of Cloud Technology
Our comprehensive suite of capabilities is designed to elevate your cloud infrastructure, providing robust management, monitoring, and optimization for unparalleled performance and scalability.
SHG Cloud Architecture
Experience superior infrastructure management with our cloud architecture services, offering instant resource provisioning and cost-effective solutions without the burden of server maintenance.
Managed Kubernetes
SHG ensures a successful setup and operation of Kubernetes containers, ensuring seamless orchestration and management of your containerized applications.
Public Cloud Excellence
Leverage leading public cloud platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure, and Oracle for innovation and scalability, with our expertise in seamless integration and performance optimization.
Cloud Management, Monitoring, and Analytics
Our experienced teams optimize and secure cloud applications, manage compliance, and configure real-time monitoring for enhanced performance and reliability.
24/7 Monitoring and Support
Benefit from continuous monitoring and prompt incident response with our round-the-clock support, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime for your cloud infrastructure.
Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
Gain insights into your application stack with our APM service, monitoring performance metrics and ensuring optimal user experience across your applications.
Infrastructure Automation
Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles to automate infrastructure provisioning and management, ensuring scalability and consistency across environments.
Infrastructure Management
From log management to workload automation, our comprehensive infrastructure management solution offers capacity management, trend analysis, and network monitoring for optimal performance.
Cloud Consulting
Solve complex optimization problems with multiple conflicting objectives, balancing trade-offs to find optimal solutions.
Active/Active (CDN / WAF / DDOS Protection)
Benefit from our Active/Active system with three servers across different data centers, ensuring high availability, reliability, and resilience against DDoS attacks.
Data Migration and Infrastructure
Rely on our experienced team for seamless data migrations, server consolidations, and infrastructure optimizations to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Leverage our custom CDN solution to deliver content quickly, securely, and reliably, reducing latency and improving website performance while mitigating DDoS attacks.
Video Live Streaming and VOD Service
Optimize your video delivery with our infrastructure and tools, minimizing integration and management efforts while ensuring security and performance.
Trust SHG's reliable infrastructure and responsive team for advanced security measures, including perimeter firewalls, event logging, data encryption, and Tier IV data centers.

Maximizing Efficiency with Managed Cloud Services

Transform Your Infrastructure and Streamline Operations
Our managed cloud services offer a range of benefits tailored to optimize your infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, and drive business success.
Cost Efficiency
Optimize infrastructure costs through streamlined processes and efficient resource utilization, maximizing cost efficiency and driving better ROI for your cloud investments.
Scalability and Flexibility
Easily scale resources up or down based on changing business requirements and workloads, enabling you to quickly adapt to market demands without lengthy procurement processes.
Automation and Efficiency
Automate routine tasks such as patch management, backups, and scaling to reduce manual labor and errors, while efficiently managing resources through automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Implement comprehensive disaster recovery planning and regular testing to ensure data resilience, minimizing the impact of unforeseen events on business operations.
Expertise and Support
Access a team of cloud experts with specialized knowledge in cloud technologies and best practices, ensuring 24/7 support and rapid issue resolution to minimize downtime and ensure high service availability.
Reliability and High Availability
Benefit from built-in redundancy and failover mechanisms to enhance system reliability, ensuring applications and data are always available and accessible when needed.
Rapid Deployment
Accelerate time-to-market for new applications and services through automated provisioning, supporting agile development and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.
Managed Database Services
Offload the management of databases, including backups, maintenance, and scaling, to ensure data integrity, security, and availability in a managed environment.

Streamlined Cloud Management Approach

Optimizing Your Cloud Journey
At SHG, we employ a structured approach to cloud management, ensuring seamless migration and ongoing optimization for your business needs.

Assessment and Planning

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure and business requirements. We analyze your existing systems, applications, and data to understand migration feasibility and identify opportunities for improvement. Based on this assessment, we develop a comprehensive migration plan tailored to your specific needs, outlining timelines, resource allocations, and risk mitigation strategies.

Migration Execution

With a detailed plan in place, we proceed to execute the migration process with precision and efficiency. Our team handles the transfer of applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud environment, minimizing downtime and disruption to your operations. We ensure data integrity and security throughout the migration process, closely monitoring progress and addressing any issues promptly to ensure a smooth transition.

Optimization and Support

Once the migration is complete, we shift our focus to optimizing your cloud environment for performance, cost efficiency, and scalability. We implement automation tools and best practices to streamline operations, improve resource utilization, and enhance overall system performance. Additionally, our dedicated support team provides round-the-clock assistance, resolving issues promptly and proactively managing your cloud infrastructure to ensure continued success.

Empowering Collaboration

Accelerating Innovation through Strategic Partnerships
We believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results. That's why we're proud to partner with industry leaders like AWS, Google and Adobe to enhance our offerings and provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Discover Our Case Studies

Innovative Solutions and Proven Results
Case study #1

Witness the transformation of one of the European transport and logistics leaders with SkyHighGrowth. From outdated technology to modernization, CI/CD implementation and observability have enabled effortless scaling across Europe.

Case Study:  Infrastructure Modernization and Transformation

Client Industry: Transport & Logistics

The client grappled with an outdated tech stack, lacking optimization and auto-scaling. Their reliance on PHP Smarty hindered efficiency.

SkyHighGrowth modernized the client's tech, introducing auto-scaling across two European data centers. CI/CD streamlined development, cutting release time by 90%. We also enabled observability for real-time monitoring.

The client now thrives with modern tech. Auto-scaling ensures reliability, while CI/CD speeds releases. Observability provides insights, empowering proactive management.

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Find Answers to All Your Questions

Explore how SkyHighGrowth can elevate your business
Find answers to common questions about our Managed Cloud services. If you have specific questions, our team is ready to provide personalized assistance.

1. Why choose SHG's Cloud Services over other providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure?

Our managed cloud solutions are crafted to provide cost-effective, scalable, and customized options tailored to your business needs. With a focus on personalized service and expertise, we offer a compelling alternative to standard cloud providers.

2. Can I use my existing infrastructure with SHG's managed cloud services?

Yes, our approach is flexible. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, offering solutions that adapt to your specific requirements, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid approach.

3. How does SHG's active-active setup benefit my applications?

Our active-active setup involves three servers working in unison across different data centers, providing enhanced redundancy and minimizing downtime. This ensures optimal performance and reliability, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

4. What advantages does SHG's CDN offer over other CDN solutions?

Our CDN is custom-tailored to meet your unique requirements, offering more flexibility than standard CDN solutions. With a globally distributed network and features like load balancing and intelligent failover, we prioritize speed, reliability, and security for your content delivery needs.

5. Why should I consider SHG's Managed Kubernetes services?

SHG's Managed Kubernetes services provide a hassle-free experience, taking over the responsibility for the successful setup and operation of Kubernetes containers. With our expertise, we ensure optimal performance, scalability, and efficient management of your containerized applications.

6. Does SHG offer Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive disaster recovery planning with regular testing to ensure data resilience. Our services minimize the impact of unforeseen events on your business operations, ensuring continuous availability and seamless operations.

7. How does SHG ensure the security of my data in the cloud?

We prioritize the security of your data with advanced measures, including perimeter firewalls, event logging, internal firewalls for applications and databases, data-at-rest encryption, and Tier IV data centers. Our robust infrastructure and responsive team work together to keep your data secure.

8. Can SHG assist with data migration and infrastructure optimization?

Certainly. Our experienced team specializes in various types of migrations, including storage migration, cloud migration, and application migration. We excel in optimizing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-based storage and applications for enhanced efficiency and transformation.
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