What We Do

What we do?

We work with high-ranking organizations, agencies, and businesses who are amongst the best in what they do.

Our services cover all the hotspots of any business that has an IT infrastructure and a challenging vision it wants to realize.

We get all software components of your IT systems to “talk to each other”, making them function as one single effective system of integrated solutions. That gives you quicker information flows and lower operational costs. From ERP to MAS to everything in-between – we implement, validate and ensure adoption of solutions that are tailor-made for your business needs.

Our way of work is founded on timely and transparent processes. When you enlist us to help spear your most challenging projects, we deliver our A-game. That means we combine agile and bootstrap methods for planning and management. From solving complex networking to data migration in a cyber-sensitive world, we approach each project with a focused mind.

In a world bursting with innovative tech, it can become a challenge to pick out new technologies suitable for your business. Because technology investments don’t necessarily spell out profit. That is why we provide industry-leading consulting that helps you navigate tech procurement and the analysis of the benefits of integration. Our team provides smart strategies for harnessing technology in the name of large-scale digital transformation.

When it comes to the finesse of aligning your IT and business needs, our business consultants and analysts are here to develop forward-thinking strategies tailored to your goals, as well as programmes and processes that drive value. Our consulting services were developed to understand your requirements and anticipate your demands from a software and revenue perspective.

We know you are unique. Both your business and your needs surely have something that sets you apart from the rest. That is why our development teams work hard at creating tailored technical solutions that fit your business needs. The customization we lend will send you on a path of further productivity increase, an information flow boom, and reduced operational costs.

Our agile experts know how to guide users through a website in a seamless way that tells a captivating story. Be it through PWA’s or Cross Platform SPA’s – we present clients with web app development services that include more than the definition of “functionality.” We create a flow peppered with search engine optimization and founded on data-driven strategy. With SHG, you get a team with end-to-end capabilities that goes through a creative and building process that leaves you with an intuitive and high-functioning website.

Why should you strive for a hybrid app? It gives you the best of both worlds – the source code of web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and the shell of a native app. SHG’s dev team delivers hybrid apps that are, to the end users, indistinguishable from native apps. With one codebase, programming and debugging are easily done. And the time to develop them is short as well – much shorter than native apps!

It is up to our clients to conjure an idea for the next big mobile app, and it is up to us to turn that idea into reality. We take immense pleasure into the problem-solving and brainstorming process of creating mobile applications. During the development process, special attention is given to innovation, so it gives that special something to a user-friendly app that needs to stand out in a sea of apps. No matter if you’re vying to make a niche social app, or an ecommerce marketplace, or maybe a wellness and fitness platform – we’re here to take the bulk of the work onto us.

Fast and effective customer support system (CSS) is the pillar of the good partnership between us and our clients. From purely technical questions to the ones regarding people and management, at SHG we offer customizable and cost effective solutions that are on par with your business needs. Complete IT support is at your disposal, so you can focus on other aspects as we take care of your IT infrastructure.

With SHG, you augment your staff with top-notch software development specialists that focus on all technical aspects related to your business. This cost-effective approach means that you can tailor your services and get support in a way that today’s day and age requires. Having an in-house IT team doesn’t always cover the budding needs of businesses that are on an upward trajectory. Outstaffed experts, on the other hand, quickly adapt to new scope changes and additional requests.

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As our development team can tackle a colorful array of tasks, we’re sure you found something you’d like some help with. We are eager to hear from you and see where we can chime in.

We Bring Expertise To Digital Solutions

Today’s challenging real-world and virtual landscape are not easy to navigate. But at SHG, we tackle the challenge head-on, taking your vision to sky-high levels.
We lend our fresh perspective and technological wisdom to your forward-thinking operations, leaving you with:

We have nearly 400 successfully completed projects behind us. With over 250 satisfied customers worldwide, we have honed the craft of adapting to different work cultures, a myriad of timezones, and varying requests.

At SHG, we cherish the opportunity to grasp a challenge and partner with clients to make a difference. After all, it’s not that complicated - results are achieved when you stick to a sound strategy that strives for smart and cost-effective solutions.

Lowered Operational Costs

Better Information Flows

Overall Increased Efficiency

Refreshed Authority In Your Niche

Further Business And Organizational Growth

Smart Individuals Working Towards Change

Over 90 SHG employees work scattered across the globe towards the goal of making a splash on the digital scene.

But as a team, we work as a unit where each voice is heard. We are proud of our differences and how they come together to create a cohesive work environment and smart technology solutions to our clients.

To this day we continue to help different enterprises and agencies optimize, transform and maintain their operations through competitive products and integrated experiences with value.

We Listen And Collaborate With You.

  • We listen to you to grasp the scope of your the project
  • Together, we define the model of collaboration
  • Through it all, we keep the process transparent
  • The price stays fixed through all the activities
  • You are kept in the loop, but you are not burdened

Get outsourced expertise that holds some of the best frontend and backend developers, along with project managers who know how to listen and juggle innovative projects.