Get more deals and boost your business.

Stop wasting time and money. 

Our custom-tailored demand generation solutions, with an AI mind and a human soul, will ensure that your message is perfectly understood by the correct target audience. To put it simple, we will find your clients and reach out to them without ending up in their spam folder.



Every industry is different. Every market is different. A problem is shared no matter who you are, where you are or what you're selling -  How to attract new business? In a fast-paced global marketplace, the biggest challenge is to gain the trust of your clients and become visible to your target audience. Most small-to-mid-size companies approach sales in a wrong and wasteful way. They hire unskilled sales people who have little to no experience in the company's industry, and have no strategy to acquire new leads. This is where the SkyHighGrowth sales system truly shines. To tackle these challenges, we have designed an effective and hassle-free workflow which allows us to get integrated with your company with minimum setup requirements and allows us to start getting new deals for you ASAP. 

As SkyHighGrowth's partner you'll be able to rely on our experienced team of sales veterans, researchers, data analysts, copy writers and designers. Your dedicated SkyHighGrowth Project Manager is available to you every day of the week from 9am-5pm CET, effectively becoming a member of your in-house sales team.  We focus on fine-tuned email copy-writing, smart follow ups and intelligent customization to get you the best possible results. All that wouldn't be possible without the smartest audience targeting and strategic planning.

    Our Premium Service Flow

    The SkyHighGrowth Onboarding Process

    • You'll get access to our onboarding questionnaire, where you'll have a chance to tell us about your company and who you're selling to
    • We will then jointly create your customer profile & target audience
    • Our Project Manager will become fully integrated with your sales department and support your lead generation efforts until they become hot leads

    The Prospecting Process

    • At the prospecting stage, we identify hard-to-find company information and key decision makers that match your ideal customer profile, together with their email, LinkedIn profile, and any other available contact information
    • Once the initial database is at hand we further drill down the data through analysis and research - this is done by our Research team and our Data Analysts

    Campaign design

    • After the prospecting process we have a bulletproof-relevant database of leads and we are ready to launch initial outreach campaigns
    • The campaigns are sent via email through automatized drip campaigns along with custom-made follow-up messages

    Monitoring and optimization

    • We will look at fresh prospects & keep updating the prospect database daily
    • We will monitor your account daily, to ensure that your campaign runs at optimal parameters - our system reduces bounces to an absolute minimum
    • We provide you with an analytics dashboard

    The part that's really exciting - Get hot leads!

    • Within days after you sign up, you will start receiving your first hot leads straight into your inbox. These are replies to the drip campaign, from people interested in your business and many of them expecting your call.
    • We will assist you in accessing the lead-sheet and increasing your conversions!