Frequently Asked Questions

What does SkyHighGrowth do?

Simply put we do the entire pre-sale process for our clients. Together with our clients we come up with a sales targeting strategy, research the chosen markets and industries for potential clients, reach out to those clients, and get back to our clients with leads who expressed readiness to acquire our clients' services.

How does it technically work? Do we create an e-mail, new phone numbers, do you introduce yourself as our employees?

Technically this is carried out through us representing you/your salesman via email campaigns, without us being seen as a mediator anywhere in the process. The main point is that from the initial contact the impression is that it is you (your representative) who is communicating with the lead - we are invisible. That allows for smooth transition from email communication to a meeting, Skype/phone call etc., once the lead feels like they have been communicating with the same and only one person from the beginning, thus maintaining and building up the relationship.

What types of campaigns are generally used? 

The core service is based on email outreach and campaigns which are carefully structured and prepared in accordance with the best sales strategy for the specific target segment. Our copy is also fully GDPR compliant. Attention is given to every detail including the copywriting (subject lines and content within emails), with emphasis on presenting your company, services and value proposition in the best way while having all necessary sales "hooks" and calls to action included.

The first email is crucial for the initial impression, while follow-up emails are the standard way of providing additional info and value, as well as creating more space for sales hooks and engagement.

Of course, the copywriting, as well as all other details and parts of the process are defined with your approval.

What channels do you know how to use?

Another important channel we utilize through automated outreach is LinkedIn. It is most commonly used as an introduction for the email campaign towards the same contacts, whereby via LinkedIn we send only a short intro message, which is then referenced in the initial email of the email campaign.

Can you tell us about progress reporting?

We provide customized weekly reports.This means that we can adjust our weekly reports in terms of showing you only the data you see as essential and deliver it in a form which fits you best. Some clients like simple excel sheets with key figures (number of extracted leads, number of contacted leads, open rate, response rate, number of positive answers), while other prefer PDF or PPT docs with additional statistical info, calculations, charts etc. If needed, we can even provide the data in a form suitable for import to our client's CRM.

Can you help us with targeting?

We do our best to satisfy your specific needs and requests in terms of anything from research of the specific markets, segments and niches, going over email content and structure of the steps within campaigns, all the way to being flexible in terms of real time A/B testing of different copywriting, industry verticals, different geographies (at the same time, or changing completely from one to the other, which can be done within a week) etc.

We see ourselves as part of your sales team, which is why it is very important that we are aligned with the way of thinking and acting. It is upon us to advise you according to our best knowledge, experience and use cases, but at the end of the day you are making decisions and approving our suggested strategy.

What we implement as a standard part of cooperation is review and sales consulting related to the best approach to specific hot leads and potential challenging cases, as soon as they are generated or identified. Of course, we are at your disposal in regard to any segment of the presales process and key responsibilities are handled by us.

How long does it take for SkyHighGrowth to research our target markets?

The time researcher agents spend working on a project for any client depends on all specifics of the current target segment and approach. For some clients we can generate more than enough leads through mainstream sources and with completely automated process, while with others we have to do a lot of custom research through manual work (e.g. if the specific niche is very narrow and hard to reach and identify). Also, for some it is very easy to come to hundreds of leads on monthly basis (e.g. IT industry), while for other finding even couple of dozen leads monthly is a hard and labor intense process (e.g. generating leads for warehouse management solution provider).

What types of research are conducted?

Research can be anything from automatic data collection from LinkedIn and other available sources with structured data, to manual Google search and extraction of pieces of information.

How long does research take?

Research can take from couple of hours to couple of days, with final data generation and formatting coming to around a week for final database version ready to be used in a campaign. The important part is that we always do the research upfront (at least a week before the campaign, or even several weeks or months in case of long term contracts) and send you the output for confirmation and approval.

What methods of investigating will be used?

Methods of investigating include systematic and automated scraping of raw data from numerous data sources and online platforms, topped up with solutions and software which we use for processing anything from basic info (first name, last name, company etc.), to generating usable contact info (email addresses), all the way to verification of those contacts and the actual outreach. We ensure effectiveness by including the human factor as the crucial one for pre-qualification of leads - research agents make sure that each and every contact in the database is checked manually and confirmed to match the criteria.

Do you send emails from our email domain? Can our email domain be compromised?

We buy and open an entirely new domain, with a similar name to your current one. This way, our team does the whole process so it looks like it's you.

So if the current one is, the domain for campaigns might be for example.

By doing this, we achieve three things:

1) No additional NDA's have to be signed, in contrast with us having direct access to your domain and email account(no need for us to have access to your private business intel);

2) If anything goes wrong with spam filters (even though that doesn't usually happen, and when it does our team boots everything back up shortly), your business domain remains intact;

3) You and the team working for you have a dedicated channel for sales through this new email and domain, making it easily traceable as well.

At what point do you switch the contact to our seller?

The contact is switched to your seller as soon as we receive a positive response (expressing further interest in your services, inquiry about additional details, questions about pricing, request for meeting etc.)